Relative clauses 1
Are that, which and who optional or necessary?

  1. I think blue is the colour that   I like best.
  2. Simon, who   is 25, got married last week.
  3. My car has a mechanical problem that / which   is expensive to repair.
  4. He left the keys that   I gave him on the table.
  5. The carpenter who / that   made my furniture is very rich.
  6. He took a plane that   left from London.
  7. The money that / which   you borrowed was not really necessary.
  8. James is the most honest person that   I've ever met.
  9. They're the people who /that   live next door.
  10. The idea, which   was very original, has been accepted.
  11. The book that / which   I bought is very interesting.
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