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  8 - 15   Pre-intermediate 16 - 26  Intermediate
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Part 1

My name    Susan. I am from England and I    31. I    journalist and I work for the BBC. I    5 languages. My job is fantastic but I   working at weekends. My   is Matthew. He works in a factory and in his free time he likes    football, and he    once a week. He    like watching TV or going to the cinema. He    reading. Matthew    of money and he lives in a beautiful house.     a TV and computer in his car. Yesterday Matthew     to a casino and now Susan is very curious. Susan: "Matthew, where     last night? Matthew: "I     a restaurant with my boss. Susan:"But you     at 7am!" Matthew:"Yes, my boss     a lot!" Susan: "You said that     to a restaurant? Matthew: yes I     Susan: Then why     3 sandwiches at 7am this morning?"

Part 2

Dear Paula
I'm very sad that you     to end our relationship. We     together     7 years, and I have no idea why     changed your mind.     you please     me because I     ask you     important questions. I can't     at night. I     only of you.     found another boyfriend? I know that you are very popular     men. I confess that my friend Peter     spying on you recently. But you know that he     my best friend     we met at school. Peter     that he     you in a restaurant with a man last Friday.     I want to ask you some questions. Please don't forget     me and I     hearing your explanation.
Love, Jim

Part 3

Anti-Aging Discovery

Researchers at an Icelandic Biotechnic Institute     to have discovered the gene responsible     adding 10 to 15 years to the average lifespan. The Methuselah gene owes its name to the Biblical figure, Methuselah who,     tradition, died at the age of 969. Iceland was the country chosen for the study     its small population of only 270,000, and its consequently higher than normal sharing of genetic similarities. It is     that the brothers and sisters of centenarians also     enjoy healthy old age. If, on the other hand, the investigation     carried out in a highly populated country, the     gene may not     identified so quickly.
The research project in Iceland studied 1,200 people, aged 90 and over, in an effort to   whether there were any special reasons why some people lived longer than others. Since the     of the Methulsea gene, scientists are     that a new drug will be developed which may well     us to live longer and healthier lives.
In other research, a set of genes     clock genes, has been discovered. The first gene of this     was isolated in 1995, and     months, a further two clock genes     found. Subsequent genetic analysis has     that the life-span of the worm varied greatly, in accordance     the combinations and mutations of the clock genes. Some gene mutations   the life of the worm by 400%.

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