Reported speech

  1. Jim: "I'm writing a book"   He said that he   a book.
  2. Mary: "Would you like some coffee?"   She asked me   some coffee.
  3. Joe: "You can use my laptop"   He told me that   use his laptop.
  4. Paddy: "I'll help you"   He offered   me.
  5. Sue: "I haven't seen Barca since last year"   She explained that she   since
    last year.
  6. Fred: "I've played a lot of rugby"   He explained that he   a lot of rugby.
  7. Joe: "Do you like country music?"   He asked me   country music.
  8. Michael: "I was working at 4 o clock"   He told me that he   at 4 o clock.
  9. Maria: "Why don't we go to the beach"   She suggested   to the beach.
  10. Paula: "I've never been to London"   She said that she   to London.
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